Ranking of Womens Bandy Clubs

We now present a ranking for the womens bandy clubs in Russia, Sweden, Finland & Norway for the first time.

The results have been hard to find and there are not many games played each season. The ranking is based och the respective national championships and leagues and the Womens World Cup. To increase the number of games, the Russian Cup is also included.

The outcome (Home, Draw Away) is counted (goal marging not taken into consideration) and the games are given more weight the more recent they are. Games played today =100% weight, half a year ago=75%, one year ago 50% and two years ago=0%.

Top ranked team avays gets 1000 points.

Russian World Cup Champions Rekord tops the list closely followed by Swedish AIK. Last season's Finnish champions; Botnia, have disapeared from the league so the best Finnish team is HIFK (who I suspect have overtaken all the Botnia players). The bottom of the ranking consists of Norwegian teams there are no Norwegian wins or draws against teams from other countries - This may not be too surprising as womens bandy is played on rink or as 7-a-side in Norway.

1 Rekord RUS 1000
2 AIK SWE 997
3 IFK Nässjö SWE 985
4 Västerstrands AIK SWE 962
5 Sandvikens AIK SWE 961
6 Kareby IS SWE 960
7 Arktika (Murmansk) RUS 949
8 Zorkij RUS 926
9 Härnösands AIK SWE 922
10 HIFK FIN 920
11 Tranås BoIS SWE 916
12 Tornio PV FIN 911
13 Jönköping/Waggeryd SWE 901
14 Karlsbyhedens IK SWE 899
15 Team Hälsingland SWE 897
16 Uppsala BoIS SWE 895
16 Östersunds BS SWE 895
18 Västerås SK SWE 895
19 Veiterä FIN 892
20 Nadezhda (Ufa) RUS 890
20 Sunvära SK SWE 890
22 Sdjoshor-18 RUS 886
23 Vastus FIN 884
23 Söråkers IF SWE 884
25 Rodina RUS 875
26 Kalix/Karlsborg SWE 869
27 Kållereds SK SWE 863
27 GT/76 IK SWE 863
29 Raketa RUS 853
30 Nordre Sande NOR 848
31 Stabæk NOR 824
32 Ready NOR 794
33 Solberg NOR 779
34 Bergen NOR 774
35 Øvrevoll/Hosle-Sagene NOR 720

Per G Olsson

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