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Problems after migration
Bandysidan.nu has problems with logins and some other parts after a migration our webb hotel made. We are working on a new improved site. It is a lot of work though, but it should be up some time during summer.
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Statistics for Sweden, USA and Finland is now available for 2007. Spectators and Fair Play will be updated later, but penalty minutes and top scorers are available.
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DNS server hacked
Bandysidan.nus web hotel had there DNS server hacked the night to saturday and therefor it has been impossible to reach bandysidan.nu. The server wich resides Bandysidan.nu has not been hacked, and no data have been lost.
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8000 players in the data base
IBDB has today got past 8000 players in the data base. In addition to this much information has been added about older tournaments over the past few months. It is now possible to find results from the World Championships in 1983 on Bandysidan.nu.
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Missed payment
Unfortunatly I missed the payment on the domain name. Therefor the site have been down for a couple of days. Two years until next payment.
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Silly season
Here on Bandysidan.nu we collect information about Silly Season. Compilations are presently available for Allsvenskan, Swedish division 1, and Russian League.
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A couple of days of updates lost
Due to a hard disk crash at the webhotel, the last couple of days of updates have been lost. We are working on getting it up again at the moment.
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2006-01-13 - American rosters in the database
2005-12-09 - More than 5000 players
2005-11-23 - American League
2004-08-31 - Update on the page
2004-05-16 - IBDB opens for the publik
2004-03-11 - Problems with ISP
2003-06-03 - Server problem solved
2003-04-03 - Teams for World Cup 2003
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